The Barn Dance Historical Society

P.O. Box 68 , Wingham, Ontario N0G 2W0

(519) 350-8000

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting – January 7, 2008 held at Kitchen Cupboard & Ice Box meeting room, Listowel, Ontario. The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM by President Ruth Baxter.

Directors Present : Ruth Baxter, Gord Baxter, Bill Simmermaker, Shirley Russwurm, Lynn Russwurm, Ron Shaw, Wayne Otterbein, Grant Heywood, Murray Armstrong, Doug Dietrich (acting secretary). Absent: Peter Saros, Ron Coulthard,

Other Members Present : No others

Ruth Baxter announced that the Listowel Golf Club has been reserved again for December 8, 2008 for the annual Barn Dance Board Christmas Dinner. In response to a request from the Golf Club for some feedback on our dinner, Gord Baxter sent a letter saying we were treated well by the staff but offered some constructive criticism on the meal.

Minutes of Previous Meeting : A motion to accept the minutes of the November 5, 2007 meeting of the Board of Directors as distributed was made by Doug Dietrich, seconded by Bill Simmermaker. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report: A motion was made by Gord Baxter, seconded by Bill Simmermaker, to approve payment of accounts as listed in the amount of $1,546.98. Carried.

The Society had been withholding the 2007 Museum rent pending some assurance from the Township of North Huron that the Museum would again be appropriately staffed. After some discussion, a motion was made by Gord Baxter, seconded by Wayne Otterbein to make payment of the 2007 rent in the amount of $3,840.00 to the Township. Carried.

Gord Baxter presented a proposed Rental Agreement for the Museum between The Township of North Huron and the Barn Dance Historical Society for the term from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2012. A motion was made by Gord Baxter, seconded by Lynn Russwurm to approve the Agreement with a revision to include janitorial services under Item #18 of the agreement. Carried.


Museum: Ron Shaw indicated that we received a $75.00 donation from the Huron County Historical Society as a thank you for their tour of the Barn Dance Museum. Ron also indicated that he wants to have the Museum open to the public after our March 9 show at the Heritage Theatre.

There was discussion on whether or not we should apply for a summer student at the Museum. Given the uncertainty surrounding the Museum staffing by the Township, it was determined that we would not apply this year. In 2007 we applied for and were assigned a student but ultimately cancelled their service due to the Museum staffing issues.

Membership: Doug Dietrich reported little activity on the membership. The Complimentary Mailing List for the newsletter was reviewed and made current.

Newsletter: No report but Grant Heywood informed that the first issue for 2008 would be going to print this week.

Barn Dance : Wayne Otterbein did not present a written report but commented that he is working with Paul MacNaughton of the Avon Shrine Club for a possible Barn Dance at the Stratford Coliseum in 2008. In addition, there is a possibility for two dinner shows at the Stardust Dinner Theatre in Parkhill with dates yet to be determined and there will be discussion for possible shows for the Meaford Theatre and the Roxy Theatre in Mount Forest. At this point the following shows are confirmed for 2008:

March 9 Heritage Theatre, Wingham

April 13 Kirkton Community Centre

May 24 Blyth Campout

Oct 19 Heritage Theatre, Wingham

Our application to entertain at the 2008 IPM in Teeswater has been filed with the appropriate committee.

Fundraising: A decision on whether or not to hold a Fiddle Convention in 2008 has not yet been finalized. Wayne Otterbein will have some further discussion with Dave Wallace and will report back to the Board.

Special Events: Gord Baxter presented a proposed rate structure for the Blyth Campout Jamboree. We need to revise our rates to offset increases imposed by the Township of North Huron. The Township has now set rates for the campsites for years 2008 to 2011 inclusive. A motion was made by Gord Baxter, seconded by Doug Dietrich, to approve the rates for 2008 as outlined in the proposal. Carried. .

Promotions, Public Relations and Publicity: No report.

Legal, Insurance and Property: No report.

Web Site : Doug Dietrich noted that the appropriate links are in place between the Barn Dance website and the Blyth Singing Contest site.

Correspondence: Doug Dietrich read an email that came to the webmaster from the Trillium Travellers RV Club that stated they will be bringing their group of 15 to 20 trailers to our Campout for their 2008 Spring Rally event. The email was passed on to Gord Baxter who will inform of the new rates and registration forms.

Additional Business: Wayne Otterbein rised the idea of producing a Barn Dance Souvenir booklet similar to what we have done in the past. Wayne will bring a proposal to the Board at a future meeting.

It was decided that our Annual General Meeting would be on April 6 at our Museum instead of the Royal Canadian Legion where it has been held in previous years. The Board will have preliminary meetings starting at 10:30 a.m. with the public meeting starting at 1:00 p.m.

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:12 PM was made by Doug Dietrich, seconded by Bill Simmermaker. Carried.