Earl Heywood (1917 - 2006) Founder

Board of Directors

(typically elected for 3 year terms)

Ruth Baxter President
Betty Beer 1st Vice President
Richard Holm 2nd Vice President
Doug Dietrich Secretary
Gord Baxter Treasurer
Grant Heywood Director
Bill Simmermaker Director
Ron Shaw Director
David Wall Director
Doreen Armbruster Director
Carol Shaw Director
John Smith Director


Doard of Directors - 2023
Ron Shaw, Carol Shaw, Dick Holm, Grant Hetwood, David Wall, Doug Dietrich, Gord Baxter, Ruth Baxter, Betty Beer Van Rooy,, John Smith
Foreground: Doreen Armbruster, BillSimmermaker


Other Responsibilities:

Show Manager & Music Director Doug Dietrich
Membership Chairman Doug Dietrich
Newsletter Chairman Grant Heywood
Campout Chairman Bill Simmermaker
Web Site Chairman Richard Holm
Museum Chairman Ron Shaw with David Wall and John Smith

Board Members can be contacted by emailing the webmaster